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Alderson High School Football Team - 1925

Les Dare - April 23, 2016

My grandfather Willis Hite Farley had two younger brothers who both played for the Alderson High School football team. This photo is from about 1925. My great uncle Paul (Frederick Paul Farley, 1910-1968) is second from the left on the second row; Paul and Willis married sisters, Audrey Hale and Frances “Rook” Hale (resulting in double cousins, double aunts and uncles for my dad and his siblings and their cousins). My great uncle Tom (Thomas Duvall Farley, 1912-1936) is next to last on the first row; he died of pneumonia at the young age of 23; this is one of the few photos of him that survive.

(This is from Leslie Dare's blog "Football In The Family", great reading)

This is an incredible photo. Note the uniforms and the leather helmet lying on the ground on the left. There are a lot of un-name people here. If you recognize any of them, please post them in the comment box below.

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