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The Alderson Green Grocer

Kevin Johnson

It would be hard to describe briefly what got us here. It is a story of common issues -- a small Appalachian community with poor outlets for its own diverse agriculture, a community not large or well-connected enough to attract outside business -- but with uncommon people that make possible creative, local solutions to meet its needs. Our journey has been a wonderful and challenging exploration of that opportunity, as we've sought to connect producers and consumers in both old and new ways.

Last November, our IGA grocery store closed its doors after serving customers for many years. This may not have made a ripple beyond our immediate area, but it utterly transforms people's patterns and food access here, and perhaps most profoundly, our sense of the future. The timing seemed right for our Food Hub to step up and expand our own, small co-op grocer into a full-fledged grocery store. In doing so, we feel we will be empowering consumers and producers -- truly our whole community -- to nourish itself well into the future.

The Alderson Green Grocer will be run as a social enterprise. It will be structured to sustain itself long-term, offering a wide variety of local and non-local goods as well as some prepared foods, and will accept a range of benefits and payment methods, as we already do at our seasonal market and existing co-op grocer. We welcome area residents and visitors alike, and would love to tell you what else our little Food Hub -- one of only a few in the state -- is up to when you come by. We might even convince you to get involved in one of our programs.

For those unfamiliar, the centerpiece of Alderson is our historic, 100-year old memorial bridge, spanning the beautiful and sometimes turbulent Greenbrier River. The water nourishes our hills, our crops and our animals, and our hearts; the bridge connects us to each other, as well as to our past and future. I can't help but look at it and see the promise of a fruitful future. Together, I am certain it will be.

Thank you so much for your support.

Yours truly,

Kevin Johnson

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