1928 - Alderson High School - 1968



2013 Reunion of the Class of 1953

Jim Thurmond - January 27, 2013

Hi Folks, 

If you graduated from Alderson High School 60 years ago, then you are from the class of 1953. YEA!!
I figured that out with out having to use my toes to count. If you are one of those please make your self known.  We want to have breakfast together and a table at the 4Th of July dinner. Please contact Betty Ellard Bennett or Dorothy Coleman (?) in Alderson or contact Jim Rowe in Richmond or me, Jim Thurmond in Newport News, Va. and I will even give you my phone number to call....757-596-2211.

Where are you Robert Mann,  Joyce Harvey (?), Curtis Hayes, oh my that wasn't a bird in my mind that just flew away and I cant think of any one else.  Sign in and come on down to show folks we are alive and in an upright position after 60 years.  Lets get together and celebrate!!!!
Peace, Love and Joy,
Jim Thurmond


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