1928 - Alderson High School - 1968


More Classic Comic Stories
Jim Thurmond 09

After reading John McCurdy's story about using a Classic comic book for an essay it reminded me of my own experience. As a Senior we had to write "THE ESSAY" on world peace. I took a short cut for mine. My sister Carolyn was four years ahead of me in school. When she was a senior her essay on "World Peace" received an A. Miss Nelson entered her essay into a county contest and she won. It was entered in another contest and she won that one also. Each time she would give her essay in person. I don't know how far she went into the State contest but she won a few "War Bonds" for the effort. As you can guess good old Jim found a gold mine when he had to put forth his effort on the same "World Peace" essay as a senior in 1953. One thing I got out of the whole experience was that our class of 1953 must have overall been much smarter than Carolyn's class of 1950. No one asked me to give a speech on my essay or even wanted to read it and it was word for word with an award winning essay. I had to accept a grade of C and know that it just didn't rank real high in my class.

Another story about Classic comics---While writing book reports in class one of my class mates with initials of H J R was using one of the famed comic books as a reference. Miss Nelson must have seen it because she came down the isle like a fire truck going to a fire. She searched everywhere for that Classic Comic book and I mean ever where! She looked in the all the desks around him and even made him stand up and pull his shirt out. She knew what she had seen but never found it. The only thing she didn't do was ask the classmate directly behind him to stand up or she might have seen the evidence drop to the floor from under one of those big full skirts that were part of a young girls wardrobe.