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Looking For Some Help

James Russell - January 6, 2014

The basic purpose of this is to solicit your help in helping a friend of mine. Junior Reed, AHS class of 1965, has acquired an AHS letter from the estate of Ray Fawcett. Junior believes the letter was earned by Ray’s brother Blake Fawcett, class of 1940. The letter has a star at the bottom of the right leg of the A – which we think indicates that the letter earner had been the captain of the team. The letter also has three hashes on the cross-bar of the A, which we think means that the letter earner had earned four letters – the A itself the first time, the first hash the second time, and so on. But all of this guesswork.

Junior would like to donate this letter to the school – or whatever entity stands for the school these days – for display there. But he would like to confirm his guesswork, and learn what he can about Blake Fawcett, so that he can prepare a fitting attribution to accompany the letter. I am hoping this request for information about Blake Fawcett will be fruitful. Neither Junior nor I know anyone in this area whose memory would go back to the late 1930s, but maybe there is someone in the Aldersonian readership who has some pertinent information.

If you have any information, please email it to the Aldersonian or put it in the comment box below.

James Russell - Class of 1965

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