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It Was A Rout!

John McCurdy - September 13, 2016

In, I think 1946, Lexington High had a good football, we lost only two games that season, admittedly one was a rout. We played Covington High School on the VMI field, Covington was a powerhouse that year, (remember this was just a year or so after the war, and many returning GI's were finishing up their High school education and playing sports against kids several years younger and worlds less experienced. Two of the horses playing for Covington were the Zimmerman lads, more commonly know as "Big" Zimmerman and "Little" Zimmerman! The program for the game listed "Little" at 210 & he played Halfback! "Big" was the fullback!

For lack of anyone better I was playing in the LHS backfield and was taken a beating. I also was running kicks back, I should be eternally shamed to admit it, but late in the fourth quarter, behind then 39 to nothing, & after they had just scored, the kick-off came directly to me, I made a good catch and then I looked downfield. Bearing down on me was both "Little" and "Big" Zimmerman. I dropped the ball and kicked it out-of-bounds!

The game was over soon after that and I escaped with my life, for which I am grateful, a few of the 'scrubs' had somewhat nasty remarks, no-one who had played said any thing other than, "good came"!

My dad a member of the VMI Staff and a few of his cohorts were in the Fieldhouse overlooking the field. They had pulled their chairs up to the windows and while they had a heck of a view they could not hear the P.A. System at all. I was awfully glad for that!


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