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John McCurdy - March 13, 2015

I was browsing the net when my keyboard locked up!!!! A very official message on the screen told me I had been watching and had in my possession Child Pornography! Scared the heck out of me. Further reading said I would not be charged if I remitted the fine of $500.00. I was to get a prepaid Pay-Pal from one of several places and remit (via E-Mail) within 24 hours, (there was even a clock ticking away the seconds until I was really busted. When I got to thinking about the event I realized no official agency would do such a thing and further perused the E-mail, my heart stopped pounding. I could see me in handcuffs being led away to the Pen. Ain't funny at all.

The notice said Suddenlink (my server) had records and was cooperating. I called Suddenlink and they said they did not know anything about it and referred me to someone else.. To make this shorter I had to go to a professional before I could get it off my computer and while I was at it, got a hi-powered Malware and a monthly service.

I expect that if I were a Pedophile and had child porn on my computer I might have been terrified and sent the money.

I did more checking and I recommend website IC-3 for more information and perhaps do more research.

Hope this helps someone.


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