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Methodism In Alderson, West Virginia

John McCurdy - June 4, 2015

John McCurdy sent me a copy of his recently published book, "Methodism in Alderson". It contains written works by other authors that speak of Methodism and its beginning in Monroe County, and the establishing of Rehoboth Church near Union and how it all led to Alderson.

E. Chase Bare, writes of his "Fifty Years" in the service of the Methodists in the first half of the century and the various locations in the town until finally "Johnson Memorial" was completed and they could move from the third floor assembly room of the Bank building, (now the Alderson Renaissance Building) next door! The book is dedicated to Mr. Bare, the "grand old man" of JMUMC.

Rev. Nat Barnhart writes of the years prior to WW2 and various authors complete the book. Included are the complete list of pastors and many lists of members and church officers of the years. The recollections of many member of the church, of their youth and of those times gives us a poignant look-back into the past that it may guide us in the future.

The various church's and chapel's and other outposts of our church are recorded as best can be done. The loss, and/or conditions of many records of the church were the primary reason for this book. It can serve as a record of an integral part of history of the JMUMC and the town of Alderson.

Note; If you are interested in buying a copy of the book. John has said he will be happy to assist you. The books are $13.95 and first class postage is $5.75. Johns address is 217 Sunset Drive, Alderson. WV 24901

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