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 It Has Been Nearly a Year

John McCurdy - MAY 27, 2013

Have we learned much in the past eleven months? I think I have, I generally learn, many times, only by experience!

That's kind of bad, it means that, in a way I am just like my fellow mammals, and lack the one thing that says we are the "kings" of the jungle we live in! We seem to be the only creature than can learn from the experiences of others, the classic example being that of not having to touch the stove to know it can burn and hurt! We, alone, can be told by our Mamas, "Don't Touch" and that is all that is needed.

The "Delricho", (or whatever it's name), is a year past, almost! I wonder how much we remember about the inconveniences and the losses we suffered at the time. Do we now try to always have a little extra toilet tissue, paper towels, bottled water, canned food,candle and flashlights, a full propane bottle or so, a non-electric coffee-pot. The vital things, that in today's world we need. Have we made a list of those needs and heeded it and stored them away?

Have we lists for different types of emergencies, the "stay at home" kinds and the ones that demand we "Hightail it Out", for an unknown length of time! I'm writing this and I confess I don't!!

In the past year I have considered generators, even going so far as to be thinking of a whole-house automatic that's fueled by a big tank of Propane cluttering up the back yard. The last event showed us the problems of obtaining gasoline from pumps that, themselves, operated on non-existent electricity! I now think a small generator, providing just enough power to keep the freezer cold, maybe the TV if enough gasoline is available, is probably the way to go. Be sure you have 10-15 gallons of gasoline stored in a safe place and that you use and replace regularly, because it does go bad!!!

The number one item is to, whenever possible, keep you automobile gas tank full. that should allow you to get to a place of safety if one is to be found. Number two is to keep money, the ATMs won't be working and neither will the Credit Card devices, a few hundred dollars are really a necessity, more would be better. It's no secret that money will have power for a few weeks, after that it is anyone's guess, maybe ammunition will be in demand. certainly gasoline and food will be!


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