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Driving With Mr. McCurdy

John McCurdy - January 31, 2013

Like most of you, I have trouble with large cities traffic. I  try to stay in the center lanes, thus I avoid traffic entering from the side streets as well as those folks speeding in response to some real or imagined emergency in the left lane! I have, I confess, resorted to use of my turn signals just to get people in back of me worried and hopefully slowing down a little. I also confess they sometimes by gesture indicate their displeasure!  I don't recommend or not using any of my ways of alleviating stress, you probably have your own ways of so doing!
I do want to suggest a way to adjust your rearview mirrors that will relieve the stress on our aging necks.
   1. Sitting naturally in the drivers seat, adjust the drivers side mirror so that you have a vision rearward of the lane to your, (from whence comes passing vehicles). When done correctly you should still be able to see the side of you own car but only by tilting your head a little to the left. Now you can see the cars overtaking your own.
   2. Still sitting naturally adjust the passenger side mirror the same way, but now seeing the lane to the right of you. You will now have an almost 180 degree field of vision to the rear of you auto. The inside mirror, of course, allows you to see the lane directly behind you, the one, in which you are traveling.  
I, like most of you, think of myself as a "good" driver, NOT SO! My shoulders and neck don't turn as well as they once did, and I'm certain my reflexes are much worse. I am still a good driver on the open highway until I see something interesting on the side of the road or some other distraction, or may God forbid, some emergency arises.

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