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The Day After

John McCurdy - March 7, 2010

We are very disappointed by the reelection of Obama. The retention of a majority in the House and not losing many/any seats in the Senate is a little something for us. Obama's win is a sad statement of the mindset of the American voter. Which appears to me to be, "give me mine and more". The "pimping" of the present administration to the minorities of the Entitlement programs, can only lead to the same fate of most of the worlds countries, financial ruin! China and the nations with more authoritarian leadership will prosper and we will slowly slip further and further into near 2nd. class status

For us, of our age, it may mean we will spend the rest of our life in about the same, condition, maybe a little better financial condition, we also may benefit from some of the Social engineering and entitlements, I think we will continue what we have in retirement benefits, etc.

The losers will be out grandchildren, perhaps it is too much to hope that the good life we knew, probably the greatest century in the history of civilization, could continue. It it exactly as has been said many times, since the days of Rome's greatness,: that "a democratic form of government can exist only until it's citizen realize that they can give themselves anything they want at the Ballot Box!" Always, of course, leading to the destruction of the democracy, when a strong man, perhaps a dictator, emerges and takes control. It has been said many times that perhaps the best form of government is a benevolent Dictator. A hateful thought I know!!!!

I just hope we don't slide headlong into socialism, but we certainly look as if that is in the works.

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