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The Election 

John McCurdy - January 22, 2012

I expect most of you know that I am and have been a conservative all of my adult life. Really starting with Eisenhower, I did note vote for President in the match between Lyndon Johnson and Barry Goldwater. You may recall the Democratic Party ad of the little girl picking the petals from a Daisy and the segue from that to a Nuclear Bomb Blast. I fell for it, hook, line and sinker. There was no way I could vote for Johnson and that ad did what it was supposed to do and convinced me that Goldwater just might use the bomb. I did not vote!

I have had a difficult time choosing who I want to be my candidate to run against, and beat, Obama. My first choice decided he would not run, another said he was elected to be governor of New Jersey for his term and he would do just that. I still have not completely made up my mind!

There have been final eight candidates that decided to run. A few I thought might have a chance, there were a couple I was pretty confident didn't have a chance of a Snowball in Hell because of "lacks". Lack of money, lack of name recognition, lack, lack, lack!

I never have warmed up to Romney, I imagine he is a fine fellow, obviously smart, rich and honest I guess; but a cold fish who seems to me to lack the fire in the belly I want my candidate to possess. If he becomes our candidate I will support and vote for him, of course. I liked Cain and thought he might be just the one. Perry rode in on a white horse and made too many goofs and away he rode, back to the sagebrush! Bachman didn't have it either. Santorum, I sort of like and wonder if in the final months he might gain momentum. Ron Paul, I cannot help but like the things he says, they are so true, but he ain't gonna go anywhere. However, like Sarah Palin he will be a voice of a lot of folks.

From the git-go I have liked Newt Gingrich, I know he may have been (and may still be) a rascal, but we survived a Bill Clinton and wife and much more political, financial, criminal and sexual scandals from their days in Arkansas to the White house and ended up liking the guy. I think we can just prepare for a Newt Gingrich, his record is a lot better than the Clintons or the Obamas from the Chicago mob! He will do well for us as a nation, will restore national confidence. I think he is a brilliant man of vision and will serve us well. I actually hope he gets the Nod!

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