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I hope we don't fall off the cliff!

John McCurdy - December 20, 2012

But then also there is this:

I really do not care if folks making over $250K have to pay more taxes! 400 K would be fairer, I think! As far as I know very few, if any, of my pals make anything like that! I really would not be a bit offended if Unemployment was reduced to 26 weeks as it was at one time! Some folk might have to work for a lot less, maybe I could afford a teen-ager to tend my yard!

I could stand not getting a COLA on my Retirement and/or my Social Security this year! It's not enough, but probably couldn't be!

It would not upset me if every government agency had to get by with 1% less money plus 1% less employees! I frankly, would love to see some changes in the Massive Entitlement Programs that are rising each year and stifling our economy!

I would be able to stand the pain if we were to cut our Foreign Aid, let's say 10% across the board! I would not mind paying a little more at the gas pump if the money was going to the Government instead of the oil/gas producers! I would be happy as hell if the nationwide speed limit was reduced to 55 MPH. My goodness, think how much better gas mileage, wear and tear on our autos, and how many fewer deaths. Enforce it and heck with what the Trucking Industry avows!

I can tolerate it, frankly, if "Assault Weapons" and high capacity clips are taken off the market, we already have enough to last us for a long-long time. I think they are ugly anyway! A longer waiting period say ten (10) days wouldn't upset me nor does a Mental Health/Criminal Record background inquiry!

I recognize how much money Hollywood contributes to the politicians and that they, Democrats and Republicans and Hollywood alike, are very loathe to do any thing at all about violence in movies and TV and gaming devices, or allowing the music industry to desecrate women, children or anything else they desire, under the "Freedom of Speech" Amendment. It needs done!

You should know that I am a hunter, a shooter, I reload ammo, and if my wallet allowed me to buy some more that I would like to own I would! It doesn't, I can't, and it really does not trouble me. If someone is a threat to my family, I can defend them and will always be able to do so.

Unlike some I do not believe that black-booted government thugs or military will someday knock on our doors and say, "Gimme yer guns". If anything like that ever occurs it will be because gradually, a little bit at a time we have allowed the Constitution to be ignored and altered by the political parties in power.

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