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His Eye Is On The Sparrow

John McCurdy - July 22, 2012

A few days ago, after I had put out some "Sticky Pads" trying to help a fly problems we had developed.  Pearl announced that a Wren had gotten caught in one that was laying just outside the door. I expect it was planning to devour the several houseflies which we had caught earlier. It was really stuck, had exhausted itself trying to get free of the pad. I tried to gently get it unglued and there was absolutely no chance without breaking bones and almost certainly killing it after inflicting much pain. I realized I had to mercifully kill it and I callously crushed its tiny skull with a brick. Then folded the Sticky Pad around it and put it in the trash can.
I have been the cause of many deaths hunting and fishing and on the farm, I don't think any of them hurt as much as killing that wren. I'm 82 years old and I have cried several times just thinking about it. I imagine it is because I realize my own time on earth is now measured in years, (perhaps months), rather than generations or scores that I now feel the way I do.
I wish I had it to do over, I would, at least, have  have wrapped the little body in a few paper towels and given it a little better burial that  just a trash can.

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