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Test For We Senior Drivers

John McCurdy - September 26, 2011

Several months ago I wrote of my experience with the GPS device given to me by by my wife, I think I have also jotted several stories about other driving and automobile related subjects most of which, I hope, were interesting, and I also hope,  perhaps amusing.

However in  the past year, after an serious and debilitating illness and then, just this past July, after passing my 82nd. birthday, I started seriously thinking of whether or not, I should consider the possibility that my driving skills were getting so impaired that I should stop driving. After thinking of it a lot  over the last few months, I realized that I had been thinking of it for several years. 

Now, unlike in the past, I am perfectly content to drive at a sedate 65 miles per hour on the Interstate! It finally has sunk in to my skull that a few MPH slower driving only means a few minutes longer driving time. After a period in which I backed into a number of objects such as posts and poles, other autos and such stuff, I realized I just was not turning my head enough to see what was behind me. There is also a lot of difference between just looking in the rearview mirrors and actually seeing  and registering the objects there! Often my wife would exclaim when I moved too far toward the side of the road and the roar of the "rumble strip" filled the car! 

I like to drive, I have driven a lot, I don't think ever too recklessly but always at or above the speed limit. I have been a good driver, my reflexes and vision were excellent and I always saw that our autos were well maintained and the tires were good. Nevertheless "something was happening"! Thus the changes in my  driving habits.

The AARP recently published a list of 10 things to consider when reviewing
our driving.
    1.  Almost crashing, with frequent "Close Calls."
    2.  Finding dents and scrapes on the car, fences, garage doors and the like.
    3.  Getting lost frequently.
    4.  Having trouble seeing or following traffic signals, road signs, pavement
    5.  Responding more slowly to unexpected situations, having trouble moving
         your feet from the Gas to the Brake Pedal. Confusing the Two!
    6.  Misjudging gaps in traffic at intersections, traffic entrances and on the
    7.  Experiencing "Road Rage" or having other drivers frequently honk at you!
    8.  Easily become distracted or have trouble concentrating.
    9.  Having a hard time turning around to check over your shoulder while you
         are backing up or changing lanes.
  10. Traffic tickets of warnings in the last few years.
If one or several of these items are true of you and your driving, and they were for me, you probably should review you skills, perhaps attend a "Driving at 55"class, confine you driving to well-known, easily driven routes to the grocery, doctors etc.
Bless your hearts, be honest, we would never forgive ourselves were we
to cause the death or injury of anyone, especially a young person starting in life!
Remember. "Old Age Ain't For Sissies", we didn't get to this point by being Stupid!  Let's not start now! 
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