1928 - Alderson High School - 1968


 The Aggravations of Life and Memory
And to all the Girls Iíve Loved Before

John McCurdy - June 6, 2011

In my possession is a 8 x 10 enlargement of a photo of a pretty girl perched on the fender of a 1940 Ford Roadster (not mine). The background if familiar but I cannot identify it. Now, at one time I had a 1940 Ford Roadster that I loved and that may explain my reluctance to throw the photo away with all the other unknown objects in my junk drawer. Probably the real reason is that she is one of the many girls from the forties who perched on car fenders and porch swings and Post Office steps to have their photos take for their boyfriend. All of whom I loved from afar.

The girl in the photo had the photo enlarged and then she added a few words of encouragement to someone who was, at least at that moment, dear to her. I have fantasized for years wondering if the young loves survived the War and who and what they became.

So to all the loves of my life, the Elinors, Sue Carols, Charlottes, Bettys, Libs, Loveys, Marthas, Joans, Thalias, and Pearls, know that you still occupy a spot in my heart, I just wish I could identify the girl on the fender of the 1940 Forty Ford Roadster and where it was and why.. and if I ever knew her!


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