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Thanksgiving And Beyond

John McCurdy - November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving is over, the holidays that is!  But we, as a nation should celebrate it daily.  A little lesson about the McCurdy family will explain the next thing I have to say. My ancestors are Coffeys, McCurdys, Fitzgeralds and McCormacks. Irish and Scots-Irish through and through.
I don't believe that any of them came to America after the Potato famine in Ireland in the 1800's, several fought in the American Revolution in the previous century. But as a symbol of our heritage we, at sometime in the past, adopted the Irish Potato as our family plant.
Each Thanksgiving Day, at dinner, a portion of a potato, baked and burned and covered with ashes, (in modern times in a outdoor grill. In older times taken from the ashes of the fireplace), along with a glass of water is placed on each plate at the table. Only after it is shaken clean of the ashes and eaten is the food blessed.  We are asked to recall the starvation of many of our people in the famine and give thanks to the fullness of our present lives. We thank God we had the opportunity to live in this great country and share in his love and grace.
Celebrate Life
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