1928 - Alderson High School - 1968


Remember How it Was

John McCurdy - May 28, 2011

When winters icy, bone chilling wind came roaring up the Greenbrier River, feeling to our slender child’s body as if there were nothing between us and the North Pole.

Trying to find shelter from the wind by bending over and walking very fast behind the walls of the bridge! Doing it again at lunch time when we walked home?

Do you recall the morning after the floors in the school had been oiled? Did you ever intentionally slide on them, bust your butt?

How about the smell of the radiators, the first time the heat came on in the classroom.

Mr. Duncan and Mr. Utterback taking a smoke break in the furnace room.

Playing on the gravel and rocks and dirt of the schoolyard, grounds for a lawsuit now.

The fear and the thrill of the old enclosed fire-escape, when we took our annual slide into darkness?

That warm feeling when someone took your part and told a bully to stop, how even now they are very special people?

Fridays and how the air was almost electric, and everyone in town, it seems, was at the football field.

Forgetting, (intentionally), to tell your folks about PTA meeting night.

Can you remember the futility, just a few years ago, of trying to tell your kids how it was.
How ancient they made you feel, do you hope they are experiencing the same feeling of frustration, in turn, as they try to tell their kids. Good!


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