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John McCurdy - March 9, 2011

First of all let me lay my cards on the table. I am more a Republican than a Democrat. I really am more of an Independent than either. I don't have a firm favorite to oppose Obama and his policies! It ain't Sarah Palin. I think she can play a much more appropriate role doing what she is doing, telling it like she thinks it is and being a lightning rod for Democratic ire! I don't think it is Newt, he is very bright but has to much baggage, Christie has not been around long enough and Romney may have been around too long, I'm not exactly worrying about it yet, I think someone will show up before 2012.

I don't really know why some of us think we have to stick our nose into the affairs of every country and pay dearly for the privilege. The middle east has been at odds with each other since the beginning of time. We sure didn't help the Jews in Germany in the 30's, of course Germany and the Jews did not have any Oil either.

We have almost impoverished ourselves providing military and financial assistance to many Asian, (Japan and the Korea's come to mind), to European and South American country's that then slap us in the face, to the African nations who still are only half-civilized. We provide much, much more than our share of the operating costs of the United Nations and let them rebuff us on nearly every vote.

We have vast reserves of oil in Alaska in the Strategic Oil Reserve and in the Rockies and as a country we reportedly produce 10% and use 90% of the world's supply.. I am NOT in favor of opening our Strategic Oil Reserves, that should remain inviolate. I am in favor of more stringently enforced regulations and drilling off-shore and in the Anwar Province of Alaska.

Where is it written that we must all have two internal combustion engines vehicles a piece that go 90 miles an hour with only one or two persons inside. That we take trips of 1000 miles a few times a year. That's fine if we do but be prepared to pay for it, don't go to war for the privilege. In other words, I don't like the idea of paying $5.00 for a gallon of fuel, I didn't like it when gas went to 50 cents a gallon and cigarettes went to 25 cents either. I'll deal with it one way or another. If needed there are lots of things I now enjoy that I can do without if necessary.

I could take a cut in Social Security, not much but a little, I think Social Security should be means tested. It may not be fair, but what is? I could live, at least for awhile, with some minor cuts in Medicare, even better would be a better administered program that permits less corruption.

We are being bled by, (many of them), often well meaning Liberals that think we should provide free education, and every other entitlement to all citizens and legal and illegal immigrants we manage to get across our borders.

Some notions:

Raise the Social Security retirement age to 67.

Make it and Medicare, Means Tested, not to persons making over $200,000 a year.

Let the market decide fuel prices. Let auto manufacturers decide what mileage they want their cars to get and then let the market decide if they made the correct choice, and don't bail them out, if they didn't!

Allow more off-shore drilling and drilling in Anwar Province of Alaska.

Re-examine our Foreign Aid, don't give money to anyone except our friends and then only if they need it. Incidentally it appears to me we have only a few: Great Britain, Canada, Australia, you may have noted they are all English speaking folks!

Get illegal immigrants out, repeal the law that if they have children born here they automatically are citizens. That was enacted as a result of slavery issues and needs not exist longer.

Make Unions of Government Workers illegal!

Forget Entitlements, the word itself costs us trillions each year.

Lets go to an National Identity card, I hate the idea but it is obviously now needed, the ACLU not withstanding.

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