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I Wonder Why It Is?

John McCurdy - Aug 21, 2011

I wonder why it is that many of my friends and relatives, when one is talking one on one to them, sound so like the conservative that I am, but, yet they avow openly and vote each and almost every time for the Democrat candidates!

For example nearly everyone of them disagrees with almost every action taken by the present president. They disagree with the “Stimulus Package and the Bank Bailouts”, they disagree with the administrations handling of the problems of Immigration and believe that “Illegal Immigration” is illegal and is a crime! They disagree with the policy on fiscal matters and agree that we owe too much money and believe we must take action, preferably action that does not cost them! They do not believe that Single mothers should be supported by the taxpayers and provided subsidized housing and medical care plus a check or a Credit Card they can use to support their boyfriend. They disagree with the handling of the various Wars we are presently engaged in, (they support the men and women that fight those wars)!

They agree that there should not, in America, be a Permanent Underclass, who depend, generation after generation, on the American Taxpayer to support them. They agree that the Elderly, the Sick and the Uncapable must be taken care of, though they disagree strongly with some of the methods by which that is done.
They disagree with the excesses in the Education System in our country that in spite of out-of-sight costs has resulted in a educational system that compare, in many ways, to Third World Countries. To the Unions and Associations that demand that sub-par employees be retained and rewarded just as the many adequate and excellent teachers should be. Thy disagree with a educational system that calls for more administrative employees than Teachers but refers to all of them as Educators.

They disagree with the policy and the mindset of continuing administrations that the USA is responsible for the rest of the worlds ills, and must provide Millions and Millions of dollars for countries controlled by dictators to stash away in Swiss Banks. Countries that hate us and will continue to hate us. Country, many of which, impose large Tariffs on our good and think we should continue to buy their products.

We have more than enough serious problems besetting our country without taking on all of the Worlds Problems.

Many of those who read this will agree and then do absolutely nothing to change the situation. I hope they will.

Several of the Congressmen who were elected in the last election have been very disappointing, much as the ones they replaced, they too seem be, most of all, more interested in furthering their careers in Washington than in providing service to the American Public! I say “throw them out” and the next election do the same, finally, I hope, our representatives in Washington, both the elected and the appointed will finally get the message that they are OUR SERVANTS, not the other way around!

Please, in your heart, think about how you really feel, and the next time forget how Mommy and Daddy voted and vote with you own mind and for America.


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