1928 - Alderson High School - 1968



John McCurdy - November 8, 2011

In the 70's I was transferred to Petersburg, Virginia, I didn't ask to go but a two grade promotion was a nice incentive. I spent almost a month, on your dollar, at a Ramada Inn and then rented a two bedroom town house with just barely enough furnishing to sit and sleep. The rent was quite high and I was only there for five nights a week, on Fridays I lit a shuck for West Virginia! I decided to buy a medium-sized camping trailer. I found an excellent buy in a used RV only a few years old. Good beds, a large full bath and nice kitchen in 26 feet of recreational vehicle, just perfect for me!

One problem, My automobile was a Volkswagen Campmobile and it sure wouldn't pull the Trailer. The only solution was to talk my oldest son into towing the camper to Virginia. I only mentioned that beer was on sale for $1.25 a six-pack at the Piggly-Wiggly just a few miles from the site on which I was going to put my trailer. A friend owned a trailer court in Hopewell, It was restricted to long term Mobile Homes with no kid. He put me in a spot just behind his 3 car garage and right beside the door to his recreation room! His swimming pool just a few steps away.

Bryan agreed that he and a friend would pull my trailer to Virginia. Their plan was that after dropping the trailer they would buy all the $1.25 beer they could haul back to West Virginia in the truck. The trip over was uneventful, the truck ran well and the trailer followed along nicely! We spotted the RV on site and the boys immediately headed for the Piggly - Wiggly. Imagine their chagrin when they discovered that the sale ended that very Saturday night and to add insult to injury it was 12:05AM Sunday when they entered the store. They were refused, even after begging! They left broken-hearted, several hundred dollars of un-spendable beer money in their pockets, their grinning pet hound dog sitting in the seat between them, each accusing the other of dilly-dallying around and missing the Saturday night beer cut-off!

I kept the RV until years after retirement when we bought a Motor Home. The boys after several years consented to using the trailer for hunting trips with the grinning hound dog! They brought the beer with them!

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