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John McCurdy - April 4, 2011

I wonder how many of you are completely disgusted with the Legislative and the Executive branches of the Federal Government, Let's just add in the Judicial Branch for they are scarce better! The present Democratic Administration has been in office for two years and it that time has not presented a Budget for the country. I have heard many reasons suggested for their intransigence, Fear that the Budget they know they have to present and pass will cost votes at the next election. Fear that once the electorate sees the budget, if as unlike many bills Pelosi and Reid bulldozed at the last minute through Congress, the Electorate and Congress is allowed to know what the bills contain, that the people and the Congress will realize what terrible shape our country is in!

I realize and readily admit that there is a lot that I do not understand. I am not going to be too quick to say that is my fault. I think that is the exact same confusion and lack of understandingthat I am experiencing also is experienced by the vast majority of the American Public.

I know that, at my age, nothing is likely to happen to our country in the few year I am going to stay around. I think we, my wife and I, will be able to continue our present life style for the few years we have left. Perhaps we will be able to leave a few assets to our children to assist them in what, almost surely, is going to be drastic changes in the American Way of Life.

I still have hope that love of country and plain common sense will prevail. That the tremendous debt we owe will finally sink in the nations consciousness and all of us, politicians and citizenry, will act to reduce the Entitlement programs used to gain voters, the Defense outlays for new weapons programs that are in actuality is only a way to spend borrowed money to effect the economy.

I recently have seen the value of prayer, I believe that only Divine Intervention has a chance. You may ask why would God want to spend more time on us, We have surely screwed up the wonderful country he has allowed us to know.

I wonder if a Benevolent Dictator might do the trick? Just might, if we could get them to quit after they fixed the country. Scary thought, is it not?

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