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Canned Milk

John McCurdy Aug 18, 2010

I suppose they still produce Carnation or Pet Evaporated Milk. Why I am not certain.

We recently made the error of buying a Half-gallon of Soy Milk on the advice of the Food Nazi’s! It took one sip and I was transported back to childhood. The round tin can that sat prominently in the center of the old oak kitchen table, generally with the two small holes in the top encrusted with a film of the hardened substance inside. Some one made a top for the can to supposedly sanitize the storage but they were generally either lost, in the dishpan or in the kitchen drawer, wherever they were they were not doing their job of preventing the flies from getting a meal.. Many of those gadget had little spikes that would make two small holes in the top of the can for pouring and they keep the holes open.

My family were coffee drinkers and used the milk in their coffee and when mixed half and half with water it was a somewhat adequate something to eat on ones cereal. Drinking it even diluted was not something one wanted to do.

My family was not affluent enough for regular milk delivery, when Sid Skaggs had a cow or two in the bottom below us we were a regular customer at, I think, Ten cents a quart of so. I don’t believe anyone else on the hill had any money either and so Bill Simmons or other dairies did not come up our hill. Someone delivered ‘gallons’ of milk to the ‘Bricktop” Lobban's home, I loved to be invited to stay for a meal. All the milk I wanted!

I love milk, the taste of it, the feel of it in my mouth, the sensation of swallowing it. Even as a adult, with some restraints, I want a quart or so a day! Toast and Jelly, cornflakes, a slice of apple pie or devil’s food cake or by far, the best of all, a slice of turkey and mayonnaise on a left over yeast roll!

I have not seen a can of Evaporated Milk although they surely still produce it, not requiring refrigeration, it would be a godsend to many people.

Now don’t make the error of comparing Evaporated and Condensed milk. Condensed milk. Borden's Condensed Milk was a thick, sweet, expensive variety used in making Lemon and Coconut pies and the like.

Any way, I wouldn’t take a few bucks for the memory, neither would I give a nickel for the milk.

Note: My wife Pearl just informed me that she has both Evaporated and Condensed Milk downstairs in her pantry. She also just showed me her old Pet milk top that punched the holes in the cans. I guess that answers my questions!