1928 - Alderson High School - 1968


Celebrate Life
John McCurdy 09

Once in another life, I was a counselor in a Drug Abuse program. A consultant to our program was a psychologist from Roanoke. At some time in the period he brought a felt hanging banner in yellow with "Celebrate Life" in red on it. His story was that a church in either Maine or New Hampshire had them made and sold them. They made enough money to pay their Church Budget!

It hung around the building in various places until a couple of inmates in my counseling group brought it to my office and hung it on the wall. It stayed there as long as I was in the program. I transferred to Petersburg, Virginia as the Training Coordinator and took the banner with me. When I retired it went home with me. It hangs in my bedroom.

Somehow for some reason I started using the phrase when writing to people. Last year I looked up 'Celebrate Life" on the internet. I wanted to know about the church that had started the whole thing.

I was surprise to see how many organizations use the phrase, every thing from Abortion Clinics to anti-abortionists, from exponents of Free Love to the Man-Boy Homosexual organization that thinks any sort of deviant behavior is all right, churches of any number of disciplines, Cancer Survivors and just about everything one could imagine.

I wondered what kind of a message I was sending to my friends. Did they think I was in favor of any of these groups, was I suddenly considered Pro Life, pro abortion, pro deviant sexual behavior! What had I done?

This is to assure you, FEAR NOT, some of the groups are undoubtedly fine folks, some of them should be cast into the fiery pit, but the final word is: THEY AIN'T NONE OF THEM ME! All I wanted to do was give my friends a gentle reminder that life doesn't last all that long for any of us, we are not with each other for that long, try to Celebrate what we have of it! Bless all of your little hearts!