1928 - Alderson High School - 1968


Alderson's Finest Lawmen
 Jim Thurmond 09

Over the 4th of July weekend I met with several of my classmates from the 1953 class. I was delighted to see H.R. Ayers, a class mate for 12 years, and to also buy his book "Tales from the End of the Bridge". It was outstanding and brought back many memories, one which I want to tell you about.

Some tine around 1953 my future brother in law Henry Mallette returned home on leave from the Army. I don't know if he was drafted or joined. He had bought an old car for a few hundred dollars and that was his transportation. It wasn't a very good car and the battery wouldn't stay charged for very long. A lot of the time he would drive around without his lights on to save the battery. One evening about dusk he was stopped by one of Alderson's finest for not having his lights on. I don't remember if it was Pepsi or Pete, maybe both of them. They gave Henry a hard time about his piece of junk and he assured them that there was a loose connection in the light wiring. The lawman kicked the front tire and told Henry to "get this peace of junk off the street". Just as he kicked the tire Henry pulled the light switch and the lights came on. Henry thanked him over and over for fixing his car. The law man then kicked the car again and you guessed it, the lights suddenly went off again. Both of the cops left cussing Henry and his car with Henry shouting "Kick it again for me, please, you can fix it for me.

I think Buddy Burnes was in the car but I don't remember who else.

Jim Thurmond
AHS 1953