1928 - Alderson High School - 1968


Trying to Get Over in AHS
John McCurdy ‘08

Herman Kings recent recollection of the Mitchell’s and about trying, without success, to get over  Mary Bess Mitchell, reminds me of a similar incident in my schooldays.

Stella Nelson was my English teacher and we were required to have a certain number of essays or book reports or something. I took what I was sure was the easy route. Choosing the Civil War (talk about being cocky) as my subject I, like Joe Biden, decided it was much easier to plagarize than do the work myself. Choosing an arcane book by an arcane author, I almost word for word copied his work on the battle of Gettysburg. I typed it on our old Underwood and submitted it!

Talking to classmate Bill Bryant I confessed to my misdeed and was told by Billy that he had done the same thing for his essay. He was considerably more classically inclined than me. He had copied in longhand , word for word, the inside cover synopsis of the Classic Comics version of Homer’s “Iliad”, a monumental work at least as epic as the Civil War! (Now that is really cocky)!

When the papers came back, I had a “C” with the comment “some of the sentences seem familiar”! Bryan got an “A-“! I at least cited Rossiter Johnson as a source, Bryant didn’t mention Homer.