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Musing About Welfare
John McCurdy, 2008

I don’t think we as a nation or as individuals have any obligation to provide for the poor or the disadvantaged of the world or even of this country! I’m serious as death in that conviction. That said, I do think we have an obligation as a moral nation and moral people to assist those people only to the extent, we as individuals with conscience, choose to help.

I don’t think we are obligated to provide a life-time of entitlements to those who have never contributed or attempted to contribute anything to the society in which they live. I think that those people on Welfare of any description, other than age or real illness, should be required to make a career of applying for aid. I think they are supplicants and should be recognized as such and more importantly labeled as such! The luxuries, (for that, after all, is just what they are), such as a television, telephone, air-conditioning, automobiles & such things should be aspirations and not entitlements. What incentive is there to amass wealth or goods when sufficient wealth is given to you? The young unmarried mothers having children only to be eligible for public assistance, the young men who share information about how to “get over” on the Social Worker, to always put the square peg into the round hole and be thus classified as “un-trainable”, and eligible for further aid, the same young men who can repair any old junker car to run as well as new.

You say it is ingrained in a person, a part of their ego, their psyche? I say we can point to the overwhelming mass of evidence, compiled by the very sociologists, who then ignore their own findings, that a vast number of the supplicants on the dole are convinced that they have the moral, the legal and the God-Given right to be taken care of, by society, all their lives! Which seemingly, is the position also taken, although not necessarily believed, by the vast majority of our representatives in the city, state and national elected offices!

One problem that plagues us is the people who make Social Service their life's avocation. Often ill-paid, as well as ill-prepared by the ultra-liberal academics who train them, they overly identify with their client group, aid their superiors and do their bidding by increasing the number of people they are supposed to be aiding rather than actually just serving them, and increase, thereby, the budget of the bureaucracy that they serve!

The bosses, in turn, please the legislators by delivering to them, an ever larger group of individuals who have already lost all sense of worth or personal responsibility, and who can be counted on to vote “Correctly” to preserve their “entitlements”! ****

I know many of the readers will likely take issue with my views, I am glad. I welcome your comments, I just hope your comments make sense and are not just the sputtering of an outraged individual so mad they can’t talk!

I also will welcome the comments of persons in agreement, if there are any!