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Most Romantic Moments
John McCurdy 08

 In late summer in 1957, my wife and I and our young son had spent the weekend with friends in Front Royal, Virginia. After a weekend of too much laughter and too much food, we reluctantly said good-bye and prepared to for the drive back that night to my parentís home between Rockbridge Baths and Kerrís Creek, Virginia.

On a whim at the last minute we decided we would travel back to Lexington by the Skyline Drive. It was early on the Mid-September evening when we drove onto that beautiful, (but slow), highway. Warm, as September nights can be, and peaceful, as the Virginia mountainís are when one has been away, we slowly made our way along the mountain tops toward Rockbridge County.

We had, that spring, bought a new Ford Convertible, and the top was down at every opportunity. As the night became deeper and the moon came out, the evening fogs began to form in the valley below. Our son was safely sleeping in the back seat, there was our kind of music everywhere one tuned the radio. There was almost no traffic sharing our road, and at 40 miles an hour driving was not difficult.

Below us the Valleys of Virginia filled with fog, wisps of mist drifted across the road and off in the distance in the moonlight the crests of the mountains stood like islands in the fog. My dear wife slid to the middle of the seat and leaned her head onto my shoulder as sweethearts sometimes do, and as sweethearts sometimes I put my arm around her shoulders and drew her near.

Life was good, we were young and we would live forever, and I wished that night would never end.

I still have the wife, I still have the son, I still return to family in the valley, and we still occasionally drive those mountaintops. The convertible is gone, as is the youth, but the memory of that night will be forever.


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