1928 - Alderson High School - 1968


More on the Post Offices of Alderson
John McCurdy 08

 Swope did not mention the Post office that was located in the home of which ever Alderson lived at "Westview, which is the large old home in the grove of large trees just to the east of Rt. 12 across from the City National Bank and Gadd's IGA Grocery. It is owned now by Karen Lobban, who inherited it from her father Earl Flint. It has had several owners including Blanche Lobban who lived there for most of the time when we were growing up.

When Earl and Marge Flint owned the house both of them showed and told me that a small room just inside the front door and in the original part of the house, was the post office at one time.

It is my understanding from Dr. Earl Berkley that the original site of "Palestine" was the area across from the Baptist Church on North Monroe Street and was established as a center for fur-trading and only later was it moved to the mill area at Palestine. I don't recall if Berkley had an explanation as to why it was moved or if he had any facts to base his statement on.

Mark McCallister told me he had found a (Palestine, Va.) sign inside his house at Palestine! Perhaps indicating his home was the site of the PO.

Dr. Berkley was an interesting man, although he, like many scholarly types could be very boring after an hour or so on the same subject.