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Pearl and John

 Herman King - February 15, 2013

I think it's time we give a tribute to Pearl and John McCurdy. High school sweethearts who stayed together, a rarity in today's fickle world where couples shed partners like dried skin.

I forget Pearl's maiden name but she probably has by now, she has been a McCurdy so long. John and I were never buddies but we got along. We are about the same age, I'm a few days or weeks older, We were born the year Wall Street collapsed, I guess two such guys entering the world so close together sent shock waves through the universe.

We were (are?) pretty smart. We both won a scholarship from West Virginia Wesleyan but neither of us used it. I got into radio and John went to prison. (heh heh) We were both kind of lazy students. We never tried to excel, just pass. But John got married and I didn't. (He had a car and I didn't. I think).

Anyhow let's have a drink or two to John and Pear McCurdy. Sweethearts forever. That was what my girl friend promised me. But forever turned out to be four years. O well, time is relative.

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