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The Supermarket Jungle

Herman King - September 27, 2012

Did you know potassium bromate, found in flour, causes cancer in rats and since most people (or a heckuva lot of them) are rats, they might get cancer too from potassium bromate. Cooking flour is supposed to get rid of the potassium bromate, but it doesn't always. So be sure to read the label. I know, I know, content labels are always so microscopically small they can't be read except by the most powerful magnifying glasses, but it's your responsibility to always be prepared. Remember your high school Latin: semper paratus, Always ready. 

I had a bad habit of never taking my reading glasses to the supermarket, like entering a dark cellar without a flashlight. I drank a pint of strawberry milk every day. Then I wore my glasses one day and could read the label. Instead of drinking 3 grams of sugar, I had been downing 30 grams daily. Almost a death sentence for a diabetic. Who knows what perils wait on the shelves of grocery stores? May be genetically modified foods. And no one knows what they may be allergic to until they eat it. Peanut butter, one of the yummiest and healthiest foods on earth, kills some people.

I guess you've noticed how many health foods there are on the shelves and behind glass doors of today's supermarkets. Most of which are Asian. And nearly all of which contains soy or teriyaki (a soy preparation) Soy produces estrogen, the female hormone. I wondered why so many men these days have boobs the size of Dolly Parton.

You can't be too careful. The Green Zone in Baghdad isn't safe. Neither is the Green Zone (vegetable aisle) in supermarkets. Our vegetables are picked (handled) by workers from third world countries who don't wash their hands after using the potty. What to do? Sing-along with me the Hee Haw theme song: "Gloom, despair and agony on me..."

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