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Pork chops or Broccoli?

Herman King - October 4, 2012

I have a conflict. I have the appetite of a carnivore and the conscience of a vegetarian. I remember slopping the hogs as a child in West Virginia. I watched those cute little piglets eating from the trough, grunting happily and looking up at me with thanks in their eyes .I felt guilty. I was fattening them up for the kill. Could I later eat them as pork chops without my conscience choking me? If I didn't the rest of my family would. They weren't cursed with the kind of dichotomy I was.

Later in life I found it continuing. I went through a period when I became religious and read the bible daily. The Christian religion says "thou shall not kill. "Jainism advocates reverence for all life. I found support for my  cravings. in Genesis. God is a carnivore! Throughout my biblical reading it had escaped my attention. If God is a carnivore why wouldn't I be? After all, I was created in His image, It's right there in the story of Cain and Abel. Why did Cain slay his brother Abel? He was jealous because God preferred Abel's offering of meat to his offering of vegetables. Abel was a herder, Cain was a farmer. I guess God didn't like broccoli or any of Cain's veggies. And the choice that God made has followed us down through the millennia.

During the settling of the American West, cattlemen were the bad guys and farmers the good guys.  That was a switch! Did God suddenly developed a taste for broccoli? Or did He have compassion for all those poor steers driven a thousand miles over hot, dry dusty plains only to end up in the stomachs of effete easterners?

As for me, I decided to become an omnivore. I EAT EVERYTHING!

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