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Honest Abe: an oxymoron

Herman King - November 10, 2012

Master Hollywood director Stephen Spielberg has another hit movie." Lincoln." A faux history based on the book by plagiarist Doris Kearns Goodwin. Spielberg is justifiably acclaimed for directing entertaining movies. He is also good at propaganda movies. But that's about  all you ever see or read these days when Lincoln is the subject. Not so when you go back to when he actually lived. He was widely disliked both north and south. Read what contemporary newspapers wrote about him. Read the biography of Lincoln as discerned by the poet Edgar Lee Masters of Spoon River anthology fame.

Masters was known as a copperhead. (A northerner on the side of the south), After his election newspapers dared not criticize Lincoln. He closed them down and jailed their publishers. Why don't you read about that in today's media? Or about him arresting and imprisoning the entire Maryland legislature because he feared they would vote for secession. The legislators included the grandson of Francis Scott Key who wrote our national anthem.

When Chief Justice of the Supreme Court  Roger Taney sent Lincoln a writ of habeas corpus, "Honest" Abe threw it away and issued a warrant for Taney's arrest. This icon of both conservatives and liberals caused the death of more Americans in his unconstitutional war than any other president in our history. The south had every right to secede. The states were led to believe they were forming a voluntary government and could leave if circumstances changed, The constitution does not mention secession. Therefore it is covered by the tenth amendment. That which is not in the constitution nor prohibited by it, is left to the states and the citizens. Couldn't be more clear. The only thing the Civil War accomplished was destruction of states rights and creation of a centralized government which morphed into an empire and is in serious decline.


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