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Eschew Obfuscation

Herman King - August 21, 2012

Members of the Mensa IQ Society have a clever little slogan: "eschew obfuscation." Eschew" means "forgo," "don't do it". Obfuscation" means to "becloud the issue" A perfect example is the debate over deregulation of marijuana. Pro-pot smokers have a point. Marijuana appears to have some medical properties. It doesn't promote aggression in users like alcohol. Law enforcement officers tell me they would rather arrest pot-smokers than drunks, they are more laid back. But proponents use obfuscation in their arguments. Thy are always saying George Washington and nearly all our founding fathers raised and used marijuana, equating marijuana with hemp. This is obfuscation big time. It is true they raised hemp, it is not clear whether they raised and used marijuana, perhaps they did. But the point is that hemp and marijuana are two distinct plants. Both are members of the cannabis family, though cousins they are very different. For instance, hemp is much larger than marijuana, the size of bamboo. Pot has been hidden beneath stalks of hemp. Hemp has very little THC, the psychoactive drug that makes you high, while marijuana has lots. If you ate a ton of hemp you wouldn't get very high. Hemp is valuable for its many industrial and other uses. It shouldn't be forbidden because of  it's kinship with marijuana. This is the only country that has made it illegal to raise hemp. Hemp was once a mandated crop in several colonies. Some intelligent legislator (an oxymoron?) should push that today. Meantime, let's keep the legalization debate honest and open. Eschew obfuscation!

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