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Herman King - April 19, 2012

Politics, politics. All you hear and see on TV anymore. All the news channels , all the time (at least much of the time). The GOP candidates are engaged in a Hillary versus Obama type campaign. Take no prisoners. Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul (knowing he won't win but peddling his message). All of them, save Paul, salivating for war with Iran. To hell with the consequences, and never mind what American and Israeli intelligence experts say. Obama appearing to waver a little on this issue, until he is visited by Netanyahu, who is regarded by some Israelis as a lunatic. I can't stand to watch them anymore. I would rather turn to some oldie channel and see what Andy and Barney and Aunt Bea are doing in Mayberry or who is being saved by those Galahads of the West on Bonanza. I have seen those re-runs so many times I know what they're going to say in advance. But it's the same with the politicians so I choose the fictional characters. They are much more pleasant than the politicians and their messages just as believable. TV script writers write to entertain you. Political speechwriters write to mislead you. What comes out of the mouths of politicians is as believable as the average commercial. Any modicum of truth in it is coincidental. I do remember one politician who told the truth. When asked by a reporter "what is the most difficult thing about being a congressman?" the honorable William Whitehurst replied:" staying honest." I have never heard any other politician say that.
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