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What law of supply and demand?

Herman King - April 21, 2011

I have always believed in the law of supply and demand. Seems fair when based on reality. But I wish that big government and big business would allow it to operate. During my lifetime I can remember when President Truman drowned those millions of pigs in the ocean to keep up the price of pork. I remember watching those farmers pouring millions of gallons of milk into the ground to keep government subsidies at the same level. And I still remember when the big oil companies closed (I believe) it was fifteen refineries in order to raise the price of gasoline which of course raises the price on nearly everything else. Government and big business work together in order to create a bigger demand by creating a smaller supply. If Americans ever awaken from their stupor there may be some activity here like there is in the Mideast. It would be difficult here but if the military refuses to fire on its own citizens it is possible if unlikely. Rip Van Winkle finally awakened. These examples are from memory but I'm sure if I did a little research we could find some more. Direct any comments to hermanking@cox.net.

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