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The Times They Are A-Changing

Herman King - April 13, 2011

So you think you're old? You ain't seen nothing yet. I'm so old I can remember when three cents would buy a first class stamp. A penny postcard actually sold for a penny. They've dropped the name penny and a first class stamp costs nearly a half-dollar. Hurry and get your Forever stamps! I can remember when mail was delivered twice a day to your door or box holder and seldom lost or mislaid. I spent a small fortune on books and the cost to mail them was eight cents for the first pound and four cents for each additional pound. Today they've added service and handling which cost more than the postage. I can remember when a wetland was called a swamp. I can remember when a suspect was called a suspect instead of a person of interest (because if you use the word suspect you have a limited time to press charges or the case is dismissed). Does the woman in a marriage ceremony still promise to obey her husband? I haven't been to a wedding since I saw how much they resemble funerals (same quiet organ music, beautiful flowers and guests looking solemn. Except hillbilly weddings and funerals --those Scots-Irish kicked up their heels at any occasion) Anyhow, more and more young people just "live together" and give birth without the annoyance and accompanying cost of marriage. I can remember when men looking like those on television wouldn't be allowed by their wives and mothers to come to the dining table. I could go on and on, but in case you've read this far, remember the good old days!

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