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The Slow Month

Herman King - November 10, 2011

Poor November. It seems to me, the 11th month is little appreciated. Thanksgiving Day seems to be declining in popularity. Stores jump from celebrating Halloween to anticipating Christmas. (At least it's okay to say Merry Christmas again instead of Happy Holiday). Businesses realized it was better to ruffle the feathers of a few rabbis than a lot of Christmas shoppers. Score more points for the free enterprise system.  

In November we miss the colors of October and dread the prospects of winter. Things start dying. The long sleep of winter seems like death, until Spring comes again and rejuvenates.

Thanksgiving is still my favorite holiday. Where it was first observed is irrelevant to me. The Pilgrims had a feast with the natives in 1621 in Massachusetts. Virginians did the same at Berkley Plantation in 1619. There were numerous harvest festivals before then so it is not possible--nor important--which was the first.

Taste is the last sense to be dulled by old age. So lift your glasses high and eat with gusto. And remember that beautiful song from Perry Como--Bless This House. 

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