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The Red Man

Herman King - January 7, 2010

I have liked the few American Indians, native Americans (or whatever the latest politically correct designation is) that I have met. I love the sounds of a lone Indian flute, though I dislike the wailing of death chants.  I have interviewed a few Indians when I was on the radio.  One, Chief Custalow of the Upper Mattaponi Tribe, once said everybody born in America is a Native American (an argument used by illegal immigrants, but that's another story).  I like potatoes and corn, both of which grew in North America before the encroachment of Europeans. I would never eat man's best friend even if I liked the taste. Most Asiatics include dogs on their menu. And those who came to this continent by way of the Bering Strait were Asiatic. We are always addicted to hyperbole. In popular culture, especially the movies, they were called "bloodthirsty savages." now they have been romanticized as "noble warriors of the plains." They were no more bloodthirsty than other tribes, including Anglo-Saxons. Read Churchill's History of the English Speaking Peoples). The European country engaged in most wars from 1450 to and including World War Two is England. (Bet you thought it was Germany. Actually the only European country that had fewer wars than Germany was tiny Denmark. After the Vikings retired, Denmark became rather pacifist).

I once had a conversation with a Canadian missionary who worked for a time  among the Indians, She told me:" I like Indians but there is nothing noble about them." I once interviewed an Indian archaeologist who was trying to get a grant to study a link between the Maoris of New Zealand and his tribe. I said: "there are people in Gloucester claiming to be Indians that don't look Indian." He smiled and said: "we call them the Wannabee Tribe." 

When the sculpture of Pocahontas was unveiled in the Village, every descendant of Pocahontas was invited. A huge crowd attended. Appears there are many descendents of Pocahontas around, or Wannabees. Whatever their merits, creativity with names is not one of them. All or most tribal names translate to an approximation of "the people." Like most Moslems name their children Mohammad or Abdullah. 

Indians didn't go along with political correctness until they were spoon-fed it over years by liberals. Liberalism is cultural communism. Lenin referred to liberals as "useful idiots".  When communism triumphed over the West, liberals were to be the first destroyed, because they were not to be trusted. Lenin was evil but also intelligent. (disclaimer: This column based on personal experience and research. Direct comments to: hermanking@cox.net).

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