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Theory of Everything

Herman King - April 28, 2011

Scientists are always looking for a Theory of Everything. A theory that ties all others together. It will be expressed of course in an equation. So laymen not versed in mathematics won't know if the theory is an Eureka moment or pure baloney. An ancient Chinese philosophy comes pretty close to being a theory of everything. Yin and yang are elements of Feng Shui. Everything consists of negative and positive forces and must be in balance. In physics, negative subatomic  particles are balanced by positive charges (electrons and protons). Humanity has the masculine and feminine genders, for procreation and preservation of the human race. There is night and day, softness and hardness, etc. An excess of yin or yang leads to imbalance. You can take this as far as you want. This theory of yin and yang may be the theory of everything that scientists have been searching for, and it was conceived in Asia long ago. Think about it. The ancients were not as ignorant as many have thought. Of course it won't be recognized by scientists who would like to claim credit for discovering the big, unifying theory. It's all about Ego. (which of course has the accompanying Id) Could it be possible that Freud used the same theory in psychological terms? Gotta go, my yin wants to converse with my yang. Or vice-versa.

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