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Relatively Speaking

Herman King - February 22, 2011

The mathematical equation e=mc2 has an aura about it that seems mystical and arcane. But the concept it expresses is simple. Energy (e) equals mc2 (mass times the speed of light squared). Mass (matter) turns into energy when it speeds up to the speed of light. Matter and energy are interchangeable. The great Isaac Newton suggested the same in written form but not as a mathematical equation. The same concept was expressed by the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus in different terms. (He used stone for matter and fire for energy). Einstein's friend and colleague Max Born (who also was a Nobel prizewinner in physics) claims the equation was used a year earlier than Einstein by an Austrian scientist named Fritz Hasenohrl, who is so obscure it's hard to find information about him even on the internet. He was killed in World War One before the priority controversy with Einstein arose. This theory is validated by another (proven) theory: the first law of thermodynamics, i.e., matter can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only change form. Matter is only pure energy at a slower speed. The interchangeability of matter and energy was also proven by the splitting of the atom. in a ghastly way...utter destruction, including mass murder. Once again we see that science is both a boon and a curse to mankind.

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