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How Not to use the Internet

Herman King - December 6, 2001

Our technology is both a blessing and a curse, Early on, during the Industrial Revolution, technology did most of our arduous labor. There were drawbacks even then.  Polluted environment, long work hours with low pay and loss of jobs to machines. Along came TV which turned us into a nation of zombies. Now it's the internet. If used intelligently it is a wonderful resource. You don't need any dictionary, encyclopedia or library. If you know how to access it, you can find any kind of information or opinion. I appreciate the internet because I validated my memory through the internet. Books I read years ago and impossible to find now except in used book stores (censored, marginalized or just forgotten) I have found on the internet thus my memory has proven correct. Thank goodness.

But the personal computer has proven to be a bane for people who are credulous. It is said that 3 out of 5 relationships now originate on the internet. Social networking has driven couples apart. (I know personally one married couple that split up because each met a cyber "friend".) The woman is still texting a man she has never met and the man is shacked up with a woman he found by surfing the net. A friend of mine who can't get out much now virtually lives on You Tube. She uses all the chat rooms, etc and believes everything she hears and sees, It's her virtual reality. When I cautioned her about it, she got angry and I haven't heard from her since. I think the greatest modern invention is indoor plumbing. (Though it's not new, the ancient Egyptians and Romans had it).  I think the worst modern inventions are television and the personal computer. Well, I gotta go to You Tube, I understand an asteroid is headed our way plus an invasion of aliens.

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