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Did you say conspiracy theory?

Herman King - May 11, 2011

Now that the Bilderbergers are no longer a "conspiracy theory" doesn't the media and their gullible American readers/watchers owe the so-called theorists an apology? I say Americans because the European press outted them years ago. David Rockefeller bragged about his family's connection to them. Get a copy of his 2002 Memoirs at your local library and read it. There is even a Bilderberger website..duhh! Of course they portray themselves as just a bunch of good old rich boys  (and some girls--they disinvited Margaret Thatcher who criticized them and had her replaced as Prime Minister by the weak John Majors). If it's only an innocent confab why the secrecy? The hotel they commandeer cannot have guests during their meeting. It is surrounded by armed guards. Those invited must take an oath of silence (ask then-Governor Mark Warner). Journalists are thrown out, sometimes arrested. If any of those invited show promise of attaining high political office, they may be invited back. The Bilderbergers invited the sleazy John Edwards in 2004, but he fell out of grace quickly. Too bad he didn't fall on a concrete pavement). The Bilderbergers are planning a New World Order. At their last meeting they expressed some dismay at how many people are resisting the idea. Enough trouble dealing with a petty national tyrant, let alone one universal despot. The Bilderbergers will probably squabble quite a while over who is to be Supreme Commander of the entire planet. Is there a Mother Theresa or St. Francis of Assisi around? Of course, they wouldn't want such a title.

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