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Worst Thing in the World.

Herman King  Aug 19, 2010

I have made an attempt (with varying degrees of success) not to hate anybody or anything. Hate is a toxin that poisons the blood. It usually does more harm to the hater than the hated. But there is one thing that I hate more than anything else on earth. I can hardly think of it without gnashing my teeth. It is the plastic bag. The plastic (scientific name polyethylene) bag is a horrible thing. Plastic congests our landfills and waterways as it takes so long to decompose. Thousands of nature's critters suffocate and choke on it annually. It even lacks merit as a shopping convenience. Supermarkets have an endless supply, I guess because plastic bags are so cheap to manufacture. I have noticed from personal experience that most cashiers will automatically reach for plastic unless you ask--loudly--for paper. And since cashiers are no longer taught how to properly package groceries (remember back when there was a right way and wrong way to package groceries)? Items are tossed haphazardly into the bag until it's filled or appears to be filled. Sometimes the bag will spill your groceries when you place it on the car seat or when you change hands while opening the door to your home. If you happen to throw your key-chain in with your groceries, the plastic bag will form a tiny independent niche within the plastic bag that will protect your key-chain from discovery so you fish and fish for it. I think static electricity has something to do with it, causing plastic to collapse this way or that way, whichever way is inconvenient for you. So to be honest, there is something that I hate. Plastic bags are vile. They are detestable. The idea of plastic bags must have been conceived by Satan himself. Job would have flipped quicker than he did had polyethylene existed in his day. O Lord I plead with you. Please rid the earth of plastic!
(Disclaimer: Opinions are my own. Don't blame the publisher. Hermanking@cox.net).