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Welcome Back Christmas

Herman King  Dec 23, 2010

Merry Christmas. It's okay to say that now (though some politically correct people don't). The CEOs of most major retail stores have given their permission for  employees to tell customers Merry Christmas instead of Happy Holiday.  No, they haven't had a religious conversion. It was the bottom line. Profits declined because many Christians resented the censorship of Christ in the holiday specifically based on His birth. Actually this censorship wasn't anything new. Early Christianity didn't recognize Christmas until the 4th century. It was based on the festival celebrating the Sun God, Sol Invictus. The early church found it easier to convert pagans by adopting some of their customs. For example, an early competitor of Christianity was Mithraism, very popular with the Roman armies. Mithra was the son of Ahura-Mazda, the god of light, Mithra was conceived of a virgin on the winter solstice and died by crucifixion. Mithraism was promulgated by the Persian prophet Zarathustra, whose teachings also influenced Christianity, Judaism and Islam. He is still remembered in parts of the Mid East. President U.S. Grant made Christmas a nationally recognized holiday, although it was celebrated by some states prior to its official recognition. The Puritans refused to observe Christmas, thinking it was tainted by paganism. Today Seventh Day Adventists don't recognize it.  But Christmas ameliorates the harshness of winter, and adds to the coffers of business which drives our economy. So Merry Christmas and bye bye Happy Holiday. You politically correct procrastinators, get with it. Down with holiday parades and up with Christmas parades!

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