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Throw The Politicians Out, Not the Tea
Herman King  July 5, 2010

Is the Tea Party movement a resurgence of the original revolutionary spirit that animated our founding fathers? I hope so. The 4th of July is meant to celebrate and remind us of the reason we declared independence from England.  Our government has become far worse than King George. The One Worlders have seized control and are systematically destroying national sovereignty. Remember seeing and hearing the New World Order speech given by George H.W. Bush?  (It's still available on You Tube). Read David Rockefeller's Memoirs published in 2000? (I did, though I suspect few others did). Rockefeller bragged about his family's part in the one world movement.  Pay attention to Henry Kissinger's many utterances? (He said Obama would usher it in).  Time to re-read the Constitution and let its meaning sink in.  It established a federation of equal states, not a centralized government controlling all. (Lincoln was responsible for that). Today we see the federal government, in collusion with the Federal Reserve and Chamber of Commerce, chipping away our freedoms. First comes regional governments (WTA, NAFTA, CAFTA) all of which will eventually merge into One global power. Which, one worlders say, will bring peace and harmony to the planet, since all power will be concentrated in one entity.  Who will have control of this planetary dictatorship has yet to be determined.  The original one worlders were British royalty and the international bankers.  Of course the political head will be a mere puppet (as presidents and prime ministers are today).

The Tea Party movement is on the right course, unless it allows itself to be hijacked like the two political parties were.   Never forget that the price of freedom is eternal vigilance!