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Play More Golf, Mr. President, Please!
Herman King  July 13, 2010

There has been much criticism over President Obama's time on the golf course. As there was over Bush's numerous vacations. And of course there was Ike whose favorite spot was the links at the Greenbrier. I submit everyone has it wrong. The more time the president (any president) spends away from his office, the less trouble he causes. H. L. Mencken's favorite president was Calvin Coolidge because he did nothing. Thomas Jefferson observed that the most pernicious governments were those most active. And why not? After all, congress and the executive exempt themselves from the rules they impose on their constituents. The most active presidents seem to always get the country into wars, even if they have to lie to do it. Congress is a rubberstamp for the executive, though that's not what the founding fathers intended. The founding fathers--you know guys like Jefferson, Franklin, Madison, knew that most wars begin in the executive, so they weakened presidential powers. But the Chief Executive only had to ask for powers not bestowed by the constitution and congress scurried to comply.

So when I hear that Obama or any of his administration are away from their offices, I cheer. And hope they don't return. That way, maybe our country can still be saved.

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