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Multicultural Icons
Herman King Jan 18, 2010

Am I the only one to notice an eerie parallel between Barack Obama and Tiger Woods? What similarity between a president and a golfer, you ask? Let me count the ways. Both were almost unknown before bursting upon the public stage. Wham! Like a flash of lightning illuminating the landscape, Obama and Woods appeared and began the process of transforming the nature of America. Both are multi-racial and have engaging personalities, are easy to like. And are very secretive. Obama refuses to release information about his past (including his academic records and actual birth certificate). Woods apparently enhanced his golfing abilities with illegal drugs, though this has not been proven. But the physical changes in him and his relationship with a Canadian doctor of dubious character make him suspect. The really disturbing thing about Obama and Woods is that both are above the law. Whoever is behind them has the power to order the media, the legislature and even the judiciary to protect them. Lawyers have tried taking Obama to court but have been contemptuously dismissed. Police have not been allowed to administer drug tests upon Woods. Who has such power and why must Woods and Obama be protected from the law? Because they are multicultural icons and we now live in a multicultural world. Politics and sports define America. National heroes are obsolete. We now have global heroes. Long live Obama and Woods. And the invisible forces pulling their strings.