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The Liar-in-Chief
Herman King - April 28, 2010

Our last three presidents have been such liars that many White  House observers argue who was the biggest prevaricator. (Going farther back, George H. W. Bush's "read my lips, no more taxes" seems comparatively innocuous). Bill Clinton's "I did not have sex with that woman", was more egregious because he said it under oath (big mistake). Surely, George W. Bush's declaration that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction (as if we don't)! was a bigger lie since it led to a "preventive" war against Iraq. Was the younger Bush the biggest liar of them all? Wait a minute!  The present temporary occupant of the Oval Office has widened Bush's wars and doubled (or is it tripled) Bush's debt. His promise of Change has become More of the Same. Yes we can, is now, No we can't...or won't. G. W. was a terrible president but gave us lots of laughs with his malapropisms (I have a CD of some). Obama is eloquent as long as his teleprompter works. Without it, he flounders. The policies of Bush and Obama aren't funny. But neither was as big a liar as Franklin D. Roosevelt. 

There is a book published in 2003 by the U.S. Naval Institute titled THE ROAD TO RAINBOW.  Army Planning for Global War 1934-1940. Shortly after FDR was inaugurated, the U.S. Army War College began preparing for a two-ocean conflict against Germany and Japan. Remember, this was five years before Germany invaded Poland and seven years before Pearl Harbor! The author, Henry Cole, thought this preparation was necessary, that it showed foresight. But was it necessary that FDR go on the radio and lie to American mothers "I say again and again, your sons will not die on foreign soil." I can remember the sound of his solemn intonations to this day. West Virginia U.S. Senator Rush Holt said the government was stocking coffins for American soldiers during the same time FDR was uttering his reassuring lies. (I heard Holt's speech in Union, W. Va). Though vilified it turned out Holt was telling the truth.    

Whether or not Operation Rainbow was a necessary precaution, the fact remains that many American servicemen died and FDR knew they would. Based on the consequences (intended and unintended) FDR's broken promises were the biggest of any president. Clinton, Bush and Obama are boy scouts compared to FDR. (Though Obama has plenty of time to play catch-up).

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