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Intelligent Universe or Stupid Universe
Herman King - May 26, 2010

There is an ongoing argument between evolutionists and intelligent design supporters. Is everything the result of blind chemical and biological forces or is there an intelligence behind it all? It is hard for me to see intelligent design in the existence of the mosquito. This blood-sucking pest has a lifespan of only a few weeks (some species only days) in which it lays eggs, Hatch. Seek out humans and other mammals for blood to lay more eggs. Causes misery, sometimes death to its prey. In order to lay more eggs, etc. What kind of intelligent being would create such a thing, the only purpose for which is to perpetuate itself ad nauseam so it can inflict death and suffering and then expire in mere days or weeks. Doesn't resemble intelligent design to me. But what about evolution, how "intelligent" is it? Not very. Want an example? Why hasn't evolution developed a safety mechanism for those cute little squirrels, so they can recognize the direction of sound and will quit becoming confused which causes them to run into instead of away from traffic? How many more millennia and dead squirrels will it take until evolution stumbles onto this? It seems to me neither intelligent design nor evolution has done a good job or they're just good at keeping secrets. Think about it. Or, if you want peace of mind, don't think about it.